ATEKNEA Solutions Hungary Limited Liability Company


Ateknea Solutions brings together four research and innovation companies operating at a European level for over 15 years. The group will pool the expertise and know-how of more than 130 professionals working in Catalonia, Hungary, Malta and Poland. Our goal is to gain faster access to new sectors and markets, and to innovate within a cosmopolitan and technologically advanced context. Our company aims to assist European SMEs in transforming their innovative ideas into marketable products and services crucial for their success. Ateknea offers tailor-made services for innovation, with expertise covering a wide range of engineering and scientific areas.

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Biomasse Kraftwerk Güssing GmbH & Co KG

biomassekraftw The biomass power plant Güssing has started operation of the plant in 2002. Apart from producing heat  and electricity BKG is also involved in different R&D projects in relation to the production of SNG and  BTL out of its high quality product; biogas. Therefore a close co-operation with the Technical University of Vienna has been set up during the last years. BKG is producing heat and electricity out of wood chips. BKG is embedded in the European Center for Renewable Energy Güssing (EEE) which is a leading promoter of renewable energy in Europe. BKG represents a decentralised power station for self-sufficient energy supply producing 4500 kW long distance heating and 2000 kW electricity originating from 1760 kg wood per hour. The cogeneration unit is powered with biogas produced by a steam gasification procedure based on a fluidized bed system, with an overall efficiency of more than 85 %. Thus, this biomass power plant represents the targeted End User par excellence, and moreover emerging as competent partner within the consortium due to a large research experience. Additionally also the production of SNG and BTL will be advanced in different R&D projects.

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 MAZZY Ltd. is innovative, creative and dynamic company developing new untraditional solutions in the field of electrical engineering and electronics. The specific character of our work is individual approach to customers’ needs and development of custom hardware solutions. Our strong sides are: ability to consider new opportunities on the basis of scientific achievements and latest technologies in electronics by improving them, and implementation of original ideas by offering the best alternatives and achieving high efficiency. Our products it is hardware and software solutions.

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Rytec GmbH Frankfurt am Main


 Founded in 1988 in Münsingen, Switzerland. The Rytec GmbH Frankfurt am Main was founded in  1997. They have vast experience in engineering, plant management, energy concepts and expertises in thermal valorisation, regenerative energy and plant operation (biomechanical treatment, block heat and power plants, orc-systems, photovoltaic solar power plants, landfill gas utilization, leachate and groundwater purification). They are operating several gas motors originating from bio and landfill gas.

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AC2T Research GmbH


 AC2T is a research and competence centre specialized in the field of tribology. Tribology is the    science of friction, wear and lubrication comprising all effects occurring at the interface of two parts  relatively moved to each other with or without lubricating oil. Solutions to complex tribological problems are provided by interdisciplinary cooperation of scientists with knowledge in physics, material sciences, chemistry, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering/electronics as well as in mathematics.

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Unicomp Informatics Kft.

Unicomp logo

 UNICOMP is a family venture established in 1984. The company was amongst the first  organisations to introduce WSN technology to the Hungarian market. They design and  manufacture wireless modules (UCMote series),  sensor boards (UCSB series) and also develop specific WSN applications. UNICOMP has a wide spectrum of customers from small companies to multinational corporations (Valeo, Denso, Bericap, etc) in various industries like agriculture, agro metrology, silo-technology, energy, security. They created numerous patents and have been involved in several innovation projects. The latest developments of the company the award winner AgroSense and GrainPatrol were successfully introduced to the Hungarian market. In 2013 GrainPatrol has been awarded Quality Innovation of the year in the SME category by the Finnish Quality Association.

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