Exploitation and promotion

During the first project phase the partners continuously investigated and discussed the different options for commercial exploitation – both as a consortium and as individual organizations – of the inline integrated sensor system for continuous condition monitoring of oil quality in biogas driven engines. By July 2014 we concluded the draft version of the plans for the use and dissemination of foreground (PUDF). In this special attention was given to setting up (revising the original) IPR strategy an updating the business plan. Naturally the plans reflects the R&D progress so far and are supplemented by the findings of the continuous patent, technology and market watch which are part of the Knowledge Management structure. 

To support the future exploitation and commercial plans we performed a range of pre-marketing and promotion activities in accordance to the dissemination strategy and action plan. The focus was given on one hand to share information with audience beyond the consortium and also to internal information share enabling the SME partners to possess all necessary knowledge for exploiting the novel solution. The activities are backed by the interrelated R&D task results, the real condition field tests and activities in foreground and IP management. The impact of dissemination is assessed periodicly and the methods revised in reflection to the evolution of the project.