Summary of the development progress in the first 9 months and further plans

The development work has been running in five parallel work packages (WP 1-2-3-4-5). During period 1 based on the system specifications defined, the fundamental design of electronics and hardware of industrial corrosion sensor was carried out. The development efforts comprised all relevant components: sensing element, packaging, readout electrodes and electronics as well as the integration in a robust housing. Particular emphasis was put on the appropriate connection of the corrosion sensor to the multisensory system via industrial standard sensor signal readout.

The prototype concept was refined towards 1) easy and cost-effective manufacture by re-design and proper material selection and 2) easy-to-handle operation of the corrosion sensor in application enabling safe and rapid maintenance at any time. The prototype produced is currently evaluated by lab-based procedures.

In order to provide proper sensor signal interpretation, foundations of a knowledge base were laid by compilation and interpretation of data from condition monitoring of used gas engine oils.

Based on the positive Go/No-go decision of the partners, the consortium intends to continue with the CONDIMON project. In the second implementation phase the main steps will be the installation of the sensor system in order to test the developed system and to gather information on the measurable parameters of the oil lubricant. The field tests will be localized at RYTEC and BKG’s facilities. Based on the laboratory test results and the outcome of the continuous field trials the knowledge base and the evaluation software will be built up.